Friday, 21 September 2012

Floral Friday: Edible Flowers - Courgette Flowers

Today I am introducing Floral Friday. A regular post every Friday on flowering plants to grow with your kids, and to have in your garden. All the plants featured will be ‘family friendly’. By this I mean they will either:-

  • Grow easily and be a ‘good doer’.
  • May self –seed. 
  • Will have a point of interest e.g. interesting smell or edible. 
  • Not too much maintenance. 
  • Long flowering. 
  • Will withstand a couple of hit by a football. 
  • Not too invasive.

I will feature not just flowers from herbaceous plants, but also from shrubs, tree and vegetables. I hope the regular feature will help to inspire you and your family to grow more whilst also growing your kids.

Courgette Seedling
To start us off today, I have chosen an edible flower from the courgette plant.
This is such an easy plant to grow from its lovely large seeds. If you haven’t grown courgette with kids before and you have space in a vegetable plot for them, then they are well worth trying. The deep yellow flowers are one of the most beautiful of all the vegetable flowers. They don't last long as they need to turn into that courgette. Watching them daily is an easy way for a child to see how a flower turns into a vegetable.
Courgette Flower

Deep Fried Courgettes

And, of course, if you don’t want all the numerous courgettes that one plant is likely to produce you can always eat the flower. They are really yummy deep fried in batter.

I have more on growing courgettes with children on my kidsinthegarden site.

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