Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Garden Faces

For me there is something quite appealing about having a few faces displayed in the garden and kids usually love them. My current favourites in the garden are a tree face and a green man.

The tree face has been hung on the pussy willow tree. Though the faces are suitable for a shed, fence or playhouse. You do have to hang the individual pieces on nails. In the 18 months I have had the tree face I have had to place it new nails as the girth of the tree has grown so much it has absorbed the nails. The tree face comes from Truly Madly Garden. They have a wide range of them and they make great presents. My son is keen on the pirate one.

The Green Man design goes back over centuries. It is said to be symbol of mans union with nature and therefore feels like a good choice for a garden ornament. It is presumably the origin of the all Green Man pubs we have in the UK. I'd like to have one carved in wood as well so will be looking out for one at any garden fairs I attend this summer.


  1. I like your garden faces. I enjoy finding surprises when walking through gardens. I have a ceramic head in my garden but it scares small children so I would hesitate to add more.

  2. Bonnie

    Welcome to my blog. I agree some statues can be really scary.

  3. Lynda,
    Thanks for sharing the garden faces. Nice surprise when you not expecting it. Quite friendly too.


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