Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Seeds, Seeds and more Seeds

I have had a real seedy week this week. I suppose it is that time of year. All of the gardening magazines are offering free seeds so I succumbed. I now have organic chive seeds to grow which is great as I shall let some go flower and eat the rest. The other packet was for Chinese Lanterns which I have been wanting to grow for a while. I love the orange bell-like structures and they provide good colour in the garden at the end of the summer. However I shall have to wait a while as the seeds are for a hardy perennial and flower a year after sowing. Next time I'll read the back of the packet before I buy a magazine.

Saturday was Seedy Saturday where I live and kidsinthegarden had a stall at the event. Such a good idea to exchange seeds and meet fellow gardeners. There are a few more listed on this site if you are interested.

If anyone is after free seeds the BBC are giving them away through their Digin initiative. The same as last year apparently, but I missed that. The site has a lot of useful information and the seed offer for carrots, french beans, basil, carrots, and courgette seeds are all fine to grow with children. However at the time of posting the offer only works if you click the link from the CBeebies website

Good growing


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